Careers at DSBP

You’re hired. You’ve got big-city grit but prefer living where grits are a soft place for shrimp to land. Your mind is that rare, expansive genius that can respect a client’s bottom line even as you balloon-animal it into something previously unimagined. You’d never clip your nails at your desk and, best of all, your domestic partner always gets dressed before crossing your Zoom background. You’re hired.

Brand Manager

You’re the wind beneath everybody’s wings. The secret to your impeccable advertising vision is that you’re keenly aware of your blind spots. Clients depend not only on your timely answers, but also on your insightful, strategy-oriented questions. Back at the agency, you understand everyone’s roles so thoroughly, they’d think you’re after their jobs if you weren’t such a rock star at brand management. 

Digital Media Buyer / Analyst

We say best practices, you say let’s make them even better. You’re exquisitely trained in understanding that everything you were recently trained for will be outdated by next Thursday. Speaking of training, you work this gig like an athlete—if time-management were a muscle, you’d be ripped. Shredded. We don’t know what the latest word for that is, but you do, you SEO/PPC/digital/social guru.

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