How we built a strong, fighting brand—with a soft sell.

Infirmary Cancer Care already treated more cases than the area’s other hospitals combined, but the market didn’t know that. The market leading brand was in some ways an unknown, clouded by longtime relationships with academic research hospitals and the heavy advertising of out-of-town facilities such as M.D. Anderson.

We immediately conveyed the national level of quality in Infirmary Cancer Care’s surgeons. Warm, personal and regionally grounded photography stood out from competitors’ clinical approach.

The warm, personal voice was used to communicate a survivor’s mindset and advantages of the cancer program, such as in this ad: personal cancer navigators, renowned conferences and advanced radiotherapy.

Technology as good as anywhere in the nation was presented with a clearly local image, positioning Infirmary Cancer Care as a major regional presence.

Click-through rates on the digital aspect of this campaign, 0.17%, were almost triple the industry standard of 0.6%. Pay-per-click advertising outperformed the industry average by 71.5%.

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Most importantly, within the first 4 months, cancer-related phone calls grew by 27% and within a month, cancer website visits by 249%. The region got the message that there’s no need to travel long distances for cancer care—the fight starts here.

"The Fight Starts Here" TV Spot