How do you stay true to a community brand when it grows statewide?

Red River Bank began as a good idea in Alexandria, Louisiana. It was a commitment to personal banking relationships, making local decisions and making banking simpler. Our commitment was to stay true to that community brand as it outgrew the city limits.

The first major challenge was the acquisition of Fidelity Bank in Baton Rouge. How could we, as the larger bank from out of town, arrive in the spirit of community banking? We interviewed long-time bankers in the market who were joining Red River Bank and found a depth of locals-only knowledge. In a matter of weeks, the incoming brand was considered a local.

As the bank continued to grow into more markets, we began to redefine community—and the brand—in terms unique to Louisiana. Today, Red River Bank is a statewide brand, $1.6 billion strong and 100% true to its community spirit.

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